Energizing. Intruiging. Actionable.

Stijn is regularly asked to present to organizations around the world, from companies with +7 billion Euro in revenue to universities, start-ups, leadership organizations, and non-profits. He has spoken for audiences as big as 1000 peope, including top-level executives, marketing/sales teams, MBA students, and industry experts -- both physically and remotely.  

A few of the organizations Stijn has spoken to...

Presentation Topics

Below you can find a series of presentations that Stijn can present at any time. The formats can be adapted to long-form lectures, blitz-keynotes or interactive workshops, depending on your needs. Stijn can also customize the content of his presentations based on your audience or industry. Below you can find the range of topics and key take-aways of his presentations. 

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Stijn Spaas at the University of Hamburg

ANY AUDIENCE - 45 minutes

How To Build a Brand Strategically

What your audience will learn:

  • The essential elements of how brands are built, methodically and strategically
  • Insights that help them understand why certain brands succeed and others fail
  • Brand action-items that can be implemented immediately after the presentation
Stijn Spaas at TEDx UHasselt

ANY AUDIENCE - 45 minutes

Personal Branding

What your audience will learn:

  • How brand strategy can be applied to the creation of their own personal identity, on- and offline
  • How they can position themselves strategically in order to achieve certain goals
  • A way to controle how they’re perceived by others, while remaining authentic to themselves
Stijn Spaas at the USC Marshall School of Business

Young ProFESSIONALS / STUDENTS - 45 minutes

Boost Your Career

What your audience will learn:

  • How to stand out and differentiate themselves from peers with similar degrees
  • How to use the "War for Talent" to their advantage
  • How to start your career and create opporunities before you graduate
Stijn Spaas at Visit California's Outlook Forum


Brand Experience Strategy

What your audience will learn:

  • There’s a strategic way to ideate brand experiences in an age where content is created 24/7
  • How to build a community around a brand through experiences
  • Five different ways to create experiences that will spark word-of-mouth, both on- and offline